This bike is a two stoke 270 cc. Its is a real work horse, no surprises, always gives a reliable ride and with steady smooth useable power. Solid as bro..


This bike is a four stroke with 260cc’s, Its a dream to ride – especially for females. Easy to start and has lots of torque so it doesn’t cut out easily (in fact its almost impossible to stall it). Its like an automatic car will go without any throttle. Best of all it has a saddle so really good for beginners who are not used to having no seat and the seat is also useful for carrying extra fuel.


There are three of these 250cc and 300cc. They are awesome! Absolutely instant power and oomph – scary sometimes! Will go up anything (whether you are ready or not!) just look where you want to go and hang on and enjoy the landing. Light and maneuverable and all round bike with a great adrenaline buzz.

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